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Acrylic on canvas


'Sea Breached' - By Zel Hunt

  • I am an abstract artist in Dover, Kent. My practice is characterised by the creation of multiple layers through the application of acrylic paint on canvas or wooden panels. The paintings evolve through a process that involve sanding back or scraping through to earlier markings to partially reveal what was once there, resonating with the subject of landscape as it changes through time.

    I recently retired from a 30 year career as an Art Therapist and Lead Clinician in both the NHS and Independent Sector. During this time having an art practice remained an integral part of my life alongside inspiring creativity in others as a form of expression to enhance mental health & wellbeing. I chose to retire early to make a full-time commitment to creating and exhibiting my own art.

    My work depicts my experience of living by the sea, inspired by the real and imagined structures of times present and past. In my paintings there are aspects of asemic writing; splintered letters and words. Enigmatic symbols which have been worn away by time or washed by the sea.

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