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Gavin is an artist based in East London. Originally from the North East of England, he trained in Fine Art at Middlesex University specialising in painting. Alongside his painting, Gavin is also an experienced screen printer.

Gavin tends to keep his paintings loose and expressive, using fluid movements and textures to create engaging and lively pieces which thoughtfully lead the viewer to a chosen narrative.

In recent years Gavin’s practice has focused into exploring homosexuality and the various subcultures which surround it, looking into the expectations and stereotypes which gay men face and how in turn this can effect ones mental health. His paintings are loose and expressive tackling the emotional highs and lows of being a gay man in contemporary Britain. Queer culture exists beyond a week at Pride and it has a proud and sadly unearthed history which in turn has effected notions surrounding masculinity/ femininity and indeed what it means to be gay.



  • Mini Hot Stuff - By Gavin Dobson